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Brief Biography

Andrzej Krzanowski (1951–1990) – Polish composer, accordionist and pedagogue. He completed his composition studies under Henryk Mikołaj Górecki at the Upper State Music School in Katowice (1971–1975, diploma with distinction). He also studied playing the accordion under Joachim Pichura. As a composer, he debuted at the Young Musicians For a Young City of Stalowa Wola Festival and the Musical Meetings festival in Baranow Sandomierski.

His most important works include: a cycle of six Programmes, string quartets, nine Reliefs, Salve Regina, cycle of five Studies, I Symphony, II Symphony, Winds carry echoes across meadows and accordion pieces which represent more than half of the works produced by Krzanowski, who discovered previously unknown soundscape possibilities, articulations and used them for new musical narrative means. His work was appreciated by jurors at composition competitions, who awarded him more than ten prizes and distinctions. In addition, his works created for children and young adults were given an award by The Polish Prime Minister in 1985, and he was the recipient of prestigious scholarships from Witold Lutosławski and the Scottish Arts Council, while the Accordion Festival and Competition Alkagran in Czechowice-Dziedzice is dedicated to him. 

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