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Relief VIII

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#84 Relief VIII   for tape and accordion (1988)

Grafika dla: Relief VIII (Kompozycja #84)


Place of Origin
Glasgow, Czechowice-Dziedzice

Acc, nastro

ca 20'

First Performance
20.02.1992, The Silesian Rostrum of Composers, Katowice (only the tape part of Relief VIII was used), 01.10.1999, The 9th Alkagran Autumn Music Festival, Czechowice-Dziedzice, Relief VIII ... or ... the path of whispers, performed by Marek Andrysek - accordion (by mistake the tape from Relief IX was used from this performance due to incorrect description of the recording) 29.07.2021, Zakopane, The 44th Karol Szymanowski Days, The Zamoyski Municipal Art Gallery, premiere of the version prepared by Maciej Frąckiewicz on the basis of found sketches of the accordion part and establishing the proper recording of the tape

Comments about the Works

Relief VIII is one of Andrzej Krzanowski's last compositions, unfinished. The part of the tape was created in the Studio of the University of Glasgow, the part of the accordion remained only in sketches. The version with an extended title - Relief VIII .... or the path of whispers was created at my request in 1999 and was to consist of adding a tape to the existing recording of the accordion part according to the artist's invention, constituting a collage from fragments of other works by Andrzej Krzanowski. This idea was created for the needs of the Alkagran festival and its regular performer - accordionist, Marek Andryska, and the title was supplemented by Maciej Janicki, then still a student of the Bielsko-Biała music school, currently associated with the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. This piece was also performed by other accordionists, attracting attention with its variety of collages and ways of relating to the tape. After twelve years, thanks to the preparations for the recording of all Reliefs by PWM Edition and the perceptiveness of the performer - Maciej Frąckiewicz, it turned out that the tape was wrong - incorrectly signed, it was in fact a recording for Relief IX. So the problem of the proper recording was solved, and Maciej Frąckiewicz successfully premiered Relief VIII with an original reconstruction of the accordion part sketches left by Krzanowski. Will the piece have other performances as well? It depends on the interest of accordionists looking for a unique repertoire.

Pencil autograph (with innitial part of a work) and a tape in the private collection of Grażyna Krzanowska



  • CD: Dixi. Works for Accordion and Electronics, Requiem Records OPUS 44

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