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#23 Divertimento   for accordion (1986)

Grafika dla: Divertimento (Kompozycja #23)

Place of Origin



PWM Edition, cat. no. 10140

To My Wife

First Performance
July 1990, performer: Andrzej Krzanowski – accordion (studio performance); 2.10.1992, Czechowice-Dziedzice, The 2nd 'Alkagran' Music Meetings of the Youngs, performer: Marek Andrysek – accordion

Comments about the Works

I. Prelude
III. Dance
IV. Aria
V. Toccata

Divertimento is […] a cyclical form, composed of several short parts that have both a free and a variational structure – the latter having a structure of stylised dances (although in Krzanowski’s case, quite perversely, in the style of native folklore). Taking into account the composer’s earlier avant-garde experiments on the texture of the work, here it appears exceptionally transparent, which, together with the multicoloured variety of characters of individual movements and the clear presence of dance elements in some of them, makes the work balance somewhere on the border between classical and light music. […] It seems to be of key importance in the course of the work “Aria,” deceptively similar in expression to a serenade, understood both as a piece for a solo instrument, referring to vocal lyricism, and as a song to the beloved. This is not without significance, especially in the context of the special dedication that the work has been given – “To My Wife.”

Due to the relatively high density of content in a miniature form, the almost aphoristic nature of “Divertimento” evokes associations with poetry. The oneiric motifs present in the work, full of passion, fierce dialogues, the intimate nature of individual fragments and the dedication itself reveal its lyrical roots, and the guiding, extremely noticeable love theme may indicate its syncretic bond with the erotic form.

The sound layer of “Divertimento” does not lack second-tritone interval series, so characteristic in Krzanowski’s works.

In each of the five parts of the work, there seem to be two, discreetly contrasting, form-creating plans, but co-creating a coherent whole. This discrepancy is sometimes expressed by a strong counterpoint to the lyrical, picturesque, almost vocal melodies; once as a dialogue voice by imitating minor motifs of the leading voice; sometimes as a close imitation of the main voice in inversion; at other times as lively chordal accompaniment to a truly folk song; and also as an obtrusively repetitive harmonic-rhythmic structure, persistently disrupting the continuity of chord sequences “frisky” in the registers. The interplay of both planes manifests itself in the moments when they fall together into a whirlwind of mad dance, create common cadences, and find sound harmony when the second voice harmoniously completes the melodies of the lyrical song. Such construction brings to mind the adventures of two lovers who, joined by fate, “With smiles and kisses, we prefer / to seek accord beneath our star, / although we're different (we concur) / just as two drops of water are.”



This composition was an obligatory piece during the 11th Andrzej Krzanowski Accordion Competition Alkagran in Czechowice-Dziedzice in 2018.

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